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KOMEC은 수재해, 통합물관리, 정보 제공과 역량 강화 등 ‘메콩 지역의 물 이슈 해결’을 위해 기술적인 지원을 하고 있습니다.
워터 솔루션 프로바이더로서 역할하기 위하여, KOMEC은 같은 목표를 둔 정부 및 국내·외 기관과 협력하여 다양한 사업을 진행 중입니다.
Needs of the Mekong region

Needs of the Mekong region

Water Technologies in ROK

  • Cambodia
    • Sustainable and cost effective hydrometeorological network
    • Development of water decision support system
    • National water resources management information system
    • Climate, flood, and drought warning system with AI technology
    • O&M
    • Digital Twin
  • Lao PDR
    • River Monitoring System
    • Dashboard and Decision support system
    • Nature and Ecosystem based flood and drought measures
    • Green Infrastructure and Storm harvesting system
    Lao PDR
    • Water Resources Management
    • Smart Water Loss Reduction System
  • Myanmar
    • Smart Irrigation Management
    • Groundwater monitoring system
    • Construction of large diameter radial collector well
    • Technology and knowledge for rivermanagement
    • Water Supply
    • IWRM
  • Thailand
    • Drought and flood warning system and control
    • measure
    • Big data and cloud computing
    • Green Infrastructures
    • Salinity Sensors
    • Nature based Solution
    • Seawater Desalination
  • Viet Nam
    • Meteorological, hydrological and underground water data
    • Hydrometeorological Forecasting(AI)
    • Planning and allocation of water resources(DSS)
    • Monitoring of water resources(Remote sensing)
    Viet Nam
    • Ultrasonic Flowmeter
    • Total Solution